Game Design: Joey J. Lee, Stephanie Pfirman, Gabe Turow, Will Jordan-Cooley 

Card Design: Gabe Turow and Eduard Matamoros

Illustration: Bree Westphal



How to Play

The Arctic is a special place that's full of unique animals who depend on sea ice to live. It's also one of the fastest changing places on Earth. How do these changes affect the ecosystem, what can the animals do to survive, and how can you help?

EcoChains: Arctic Crisis is a fun and easy-to-learn card game for all ages. In this 2-4 player game of strategy and survival, players build an Arctic marine food web, learn about the importance of sea ice, and see the potential impact of future changes on the ecosystem.

Some species in the Arctic are closely associated with Sea Ice for various reasons- to find out why, see the "Fun Fact"on Species cards. The bottom right corner of the card shows how many Sea Ice cards are needed to support that species.

For example, the Ringed Seal has (2) in the corner, which means it needs two Sea Ice cards.

The bottom of each Species card shows possible food sources. For example, the Polar Bear has an (S) icon, which means it an each Seals (S). Connect the bottom of the Polar Bear card to either corner of a Seal card. 

Event Cards cause stress on the ecosystem by melting sea ice, while Action cards help sustain a diverse ecosystem by restoring sea ice. 

Each deck of EcoChains: Arctic Crisis includes 150 cards, featuring Arctic marine species and sea ice as well as action, event, and goal cards. 

Benefits of the game:

  • Learn While You Play. Learn about Arctic species, predator-prey relationships, and what makes the Arctic a unique environment.
  • Family Friendly. Easy to learn for ages 10 and up. Great for game night, or in the classroom!
  • Beautiful Artwork. Vivid, colorful, realistic illustration of animals and sea life.
  • Scientist Approved. Created by professional game designers, Arctic scientists, and educators. Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards, too!
  • Fun. Most importantly, people love playing this game!

EcoChains: Arctic Crisis is a card game by Joey J. Lee and Stephanie Pfirman. Created as a project of the PoLAR Partnership. Produced by Jogolabs.

Printed on high quality Forest Stewardship Council paper.

What people are saying:

"EcoChains: Arctic Crisis is uniquely engaging in the way it builds an understanding of, and empathy for, the life webs of the Arctic that are unraveling with climate change." -Ken Eklund, Game Designer ofFutureCoast and World Without Oil